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Radio Alice

Nestled in Hoxton Square, Radio Alice is a refreshing look at how to serve pizza without the grease and soggy crusts. Each slice is carefully curated so you don't have to cut your pizza in odd shapes to get a bite "with everything on it."

I had their signature Jerry Thomas Negroni and we snacked on some olive oil and bread while we waited for our pizzas. 

The decor is minimal but inviting and the staff could not be friendlier. Once our pizza's arrived and for about ten minutes we didn't speak much, except to say how happy we were with our orders. 

While I have done 8 slices before in one sitting it was too much this time and I took the rest home. It reheated perfectly in the oven and I relived the goodness all over again. 

Their outdoor seating with their pergola will be a must-sit all summer long. 

Pizze Blanche
Cured Salmon and Poached Egg

Cured Salmon and Poached Egg